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15 years after the foundation of the company, in 2012 we opened the new OrtoProfil headquarter in Targu-Mures. To mark this important event in the history of our existence, we decided to set up an exhibition room that expresses our professional devotion towards patients and our respect to the OrtoProfil staff. This way “The Art of Care” came into being.

“In 2009 I met the intention of the company to organize an exhibition room. I had the opportunity to know what is beyond the image of the company, the human face of it: the team who makes this image work, everyday and still private moments of activity, special  occasions between patients and therapists. 
This experience has led me conceive the exposed objects. At the same time these objects are proof of the OrtoProfil team's devotion towards their profession and patients.
Each exhibit is a section, a visual metaphor of some essential moments in
the history of the company.”
Filep Szilard, designer.

We invite you to discover the “Art of Care”, the permanent exhibition about the world of OrtoProfil

The Concept

Discover through a virtual tour the exhibition room set up using this concept

The History of the Company

In 2010 our company has come to 15 years of existence. The history of the company, the most important moments of activity throughout these years
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